“Fair Value” in Merger Transactions: In Re Integra Group

On 28 August 2015, Jones, J., gave the first Judgment in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on the meaning of “fair value” in merger transactions pursuant to s. 238(1) of the Companies ... Read more

What is the single most important advantage that the Cayman Islands provides for Chinese clients?

Cayman Islands corporate structures allows Chinese clients to maximise the flexibility and other benefits of utilizing such structures in international finance transactions and/or investments: the abi ... Read more

Succession Planning after ATRA 2012 – Government Shutdown

Last month we were in the middle of a 16 day government shut down and a looming default on debt payments. The Treasury Department had said that the government would run out of cash to pay its bills on ... Read more

Firm winner of Best M&A Law Firm 2013 by InterContinental Finance

El-Aref International Law Office have been successfully chosen as winner of InterContinental Finance 2013 Continent Awards as "Best Corporate, Construction Law and M&A Law Firm 2013". ... Read more

Firm advised on triangular Merger in Ukraine

El?Aref International Law Office represented UAE Client in Dubai in the Acquisition of Software Company, by a triangular merger. The transaction involved asset transfers including Copyright, Source Co ... Read more

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